Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. is a Filipino writer who has won numerous awards and prizes for fiction, poetry, drama, non-fiction and screenwriting, including 16 prestigious Palanca Awards.

Winner of the 1993 National Book Award for Fiction, Co-Winner of the 1993 Palanca Grand Prize for the Novel, and Winner of the 1993 UP President’s Award for Most Outstanding Publication. KILLING TIME IN A WARM PLACE is a novel of growing up in the Philippines during the Marcos years. Told in the voice of its protagonist, Noel Ilustre Bulaong, the narrative travels through familiar social and literary territory: the coconut groves of Bulaong’s childhood, Manila hotel, the Diliman Commune, “UG” safehouses, martial law prisons, and the homes and offices of the petty-bourgeoisie. It is a story of false horizons, of betrayal, compromise, and guilt, and not incidentally of the contemporary middle-class Filipino’s migration from the village to the metropolis to the outside world.