The GABRIELA National Alliance of Filipino Women was founded in March 1984 after 10,000 women marched in Manila, defying a Marcos decree against demonstrations. GABRIELA was named in honor of Gabriela Silang, a Filipina revolutionary, who led a revolt against Spain in 1763 after her husband’s assassination. By challenging patriarchy and neocolonialism, the organizationn pushed for social transformation. In a context of widespread social inequality and unrest, GABRIELA continues to push for the emancipation of women on many levels.

The alliance is a nationwide network of grassroots organizations, institutions and programs that address social issues such as human rights, poverty, globalization, militarism, violence, rape culture, health, sex trafficking, censorship and other issues affecting women. It has regional chapters all over the Philippines. GABRIELA works towards the education and empowerment of women from marginalized sectors of society. It also engages in counseling services, medical missions, free clinics and training on women’s rights and women’s health.

GABRIELA has numerous publications and videos, including “Dumaloy ang Ilog Chico “(And So the Chico River Flows), a 1995 children’s book narrating the campaign to defend the Kalinga and Bontok communities from soldiers and foreign contractors planning to build the Chico River Dam in the late 70s. It documents the harrowing long-term impact of Marcos policies on indigenous Filipinos.


Gert Ranjo-Libang, National Chairperson
or Cora Agovida, Deputy Secretary-General for External Affairs
Gabriela National Alliance of Women
35 Scout Delgado, Bgy Laging Handa,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel: 632 83712302