The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a government agency that was established in the wake of the EDSA Revolt of 1986. It was created in response to the atrocities committed under the Marcos regime, and mandated to conduct investigations of human rights violations against marginalized and vulnerable sectors of society.

Martial Law Materials Available
The CHR produced a series of short videos entitled “Habilin,” which focus on the narratives of Martial Law survivors.

With the passage of R.A. 10368, the CHR facilitated a series of oral history interviews across the country to document the state of human rights during Martial Law. Three documentary videos were produced as a result. One tackles the Malisbong Massacre (“Mga Kwento sa Malisbong”), another focuses on Human Rights Violations in Samar (“Why Samar?”), and a third video takes a broader look at human rights violations during the Marcos years (“Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Redemption”).

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Contact Person: Atty. Richard Paat Palpal-latoc (Chairperson)
Address: SAAC Building, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101

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Phone Number: (02) 8294-8704