Arthur Amaral was a Passionist Priest deployed to Baranggay Milbuk, a logging community near Barangay Malisbong along the coast of the Celebes Sea in Mindanao. The book shares an account of the violence that encroached into the area with the escalation of conflict between the Philippine Government and the Moro National Liberation Front. Amaral, using alternate names in his recounting of events, accounts for the ambush of logging employees in 1974, among them indigenous Manobo Peoples working for the American Weyerhaeuser Corporation. He then narrates the arrival of Philippine Military forces in their defense, and signs of retaliations made against the Muslim population that would manifest as the Malisbong Massacre. He also shares his attempts at documenting and raising awareness on the same matter – conducting an inquiry among Muslim civilians in nearby evacuation centers and contacting the Associated Press.