President Marcos Press Conference on the State of Martial Law (1972)

On 28 September 1972, less than a week after declaring Martial Law, President Ferdinand Marcos held a press conference on the state of the country. In this appearance, he reassures Filipinos that things are much better since his declaration and congratulates himself for “the sudden cessation of anarchy and criminality throughout the land.” He also […]

Palimbang: Mga Kwento sa Malisbong (2015)

This 24-minute documentary features oral history accounts of the survivors of the Palimbang Massacre that happened in the town of Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat on September 24, 1974.

31st reenactment of the Escalante Massacre (2016)

This is a short clip of the 2016 annual re-enactment of the Escalante Massacre that happened on September 20, 1985 in Escalante, Negros Occidental. This commemoration is done by Escalante’s theater and grassroots organizations.

Marcos in Ilocos (1988)

This 1988 Probe episode showed a glimpse of the popular opinion in Ilocos Norte two years since the ouster and exile of Marcos. This short video provided explanations about the unwavering loyalty of the Ilocanos to Marcos.

President Ferdinand Marcos Proclaims Martial Law (1972)

In this historic broadcast, President Marcos explains that the “proclamation of Martial Law” is “not a military takeover” but was undertaken “to protect the Republic of the Philippines” and “our democracy.” This short clip then shows scenes of citizens and military alike participate in cleaning and maintaining order in the streets.

Sabangan (1983)

This short documentary is an exposé of the displacement of the Remontados, an indigenous group in the Sierra Madre mountain range, amidst their impending displacement from their ancestral land as a result of the aggressive development projects of the Marcos government, specifically the dam construction in their area.

Pamana ni Marcos (2004)

This Probe documentary explores the persistent loyalty of the people of Ilocos to the Marcoses almost two decades after their ouster. It also shows the continued denial of Imelda Marcos regarding their ill-gotten wealth and other related crimes.

Marcos’ Hidden Wealth (1989)

In this 1989 episode, the Probe follows the complex ways the Marcoses concealed their ill-gotten wealth. It also follows the court cases against the Marcoses in the United States and the investigations done by the newly formed Presidential Commission on Good Governance.

Gold, Gold, and More Gold (1992)

This episode of the Probe exposes the obscene and conspicuous wealth of the Marcoses by zooming in to the collections found in the Goldenberg Mansion. This Mansion is just one among many residences that contained opulent collections of paintings, artworks, furniture, among others, accumulated by the Marcos family.

Victory at Last? (1994)

Eight years since the ouster of Marcos, the Probe looks into the entanglements of issues on jurisdiction regarding the punitive damages claimed by human rights victims during Martial Law.

No Time for Crying (1986)

This short documentary looks at the impoverished and violent condition of the displaced urban poor in Butuan at the tail end of the Marcos regime. The film shows that as urban poor leaders and trade unionists are slain, “salvaged”, imprisoned, and disappeared, local communities continued to organize and resist notwithstanding the risk of arrest.

Third Eye: To Sing Our Own Song (1983)

This BBC documentary produced in 1983, narrated by Filipino lawyer and known Marcos opposition figure, Jose Diokno, is a comprehensive and real time account of the Marcos years. The documentary exposes the farcical economic development, corruption and the human rights violation committed by the Marcos regime. The documentary also shows the persistent resistance of the […]