Students and jeepney drivers join together in a citywide strike organized by Movement for a Democratic Philippines (MDP). In this clip, demonstrators are heard chanting “sumama na kayo (come join us)!”; later, a black cardboard coffin labeled “demokrasya” (democracy) is thrown to the ground. Upon reaching the US embassy, the marchers were barred by the police from entering the establishment.

The “People’s March,” which began in Welcome Rotonda, Quezon City, and went on to Plaza Lawton, Manila, is part of a wave of student-led demonstrations from January to March 1970, now known as the First Quarter Storm. “Fascism has always been in our country ever since the puppets of American imperialism started this republican farce that we now call Philippine democratic government,” said MDP spokesperson Nelson Navarro in an interview. “Marcos has aggravated it by the use of special forces. Marcos is trying to create an armed forces of his own within the armed forces itself.”