The Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) is a government agency mandated under R.A. 10368 to establish a Memorial Museum for the victims and survivors of Martial Law under Marcos, Sr. It is also tasked with ensuring that these lessons are integrated in all levels of educational curricula.

Martial Law Materials Available
At present, the agency safeguards the documents of 11,103 reparations claims pertaining to Human Rights Violations Victims (HRVVs) between 1972-1986. The “Roll of Victims” drop-down tab at the website’s top banner gives researchers access to this list — disaggregated based on the severity of the violations suffered by each individual.

The HRVVMC also provides digital copies of its original publications under the “Projects” drop-down tab. These include the “Palimbang Massacre Reader” and a series of “Essential Truths” booklets tackling various aspects of the Martial Law years. A section titled “50 under 50” provides a selection of victims’ stories pulled from 50 of the names recognized under R.A. 10368. The “Library” section directs users to the Online Public Access Catalogue for the agency’s library collection.

e.g., The conditions of working women during the Marcos years and the question of economic abuse:

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