On 7 July 1974, the Marcos administration staged a massive parade called “Kasaysayan ng Lahi (History of the Race).” Through floats, dances, and reenactment, the spectacle portrayed a particular framing of Philippine history, starting with the “stone-age” Tasaday and reaching its apex in the declaration of Martial Law and the subsequent establishment of the New Society. The parade inaugurated the Folk Arts Theater, which was constructed in a record 77 days to serve as venue to the 1974 Miss Universe pageant. “Kasaysayan ng Lahi” involved around 22,000 participants, including 50 tribal groups. In attendance were Miss Universe candidates, as well as “international guests from neighboring countries, and from Mexico, Spain, the USSR, the USA, Israel, Italy and England.”

The parade was directed by Lamberto Avellana, with musical direction by Lucrecia Kasilag and Andrea Veneracion, and choreography by Lucrecia Urtula. Key segments were led by Presidential Assistant on National Minorities Manuel Elizalde Jr. (ethnic), Assistant Executive Secretary Ronaldo Zamora (Oriental), Maj. Gen. Fidel Ramos (American), Maj. Gen. Fabian Ver (Japanese), and Assistant Executive Secretary Guillermo de Vega (Old and New Society). “Kasaysayan ng Lahi” was also made into a documentary film which was narrated by Avellana himself, as well as a book released by the National Media Production Center.

Note: The opening sequence of this digitized version was patched with newer landscape footage, perhaps due to degradation of the source copy. To see the original footage, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo3wkRu3POw.